The safety of our guests and of our team is our highest priority. Maintaining our sanitization standards may cause some disruption and unexpected wait-time. Please be patient with us as we are also getting used to many adjustments ourselves.


We openly provide access to hand-washing facilities, including soap and running water, and require workers to wash hands frequently as well as before and after each guest. We will have alcohol-based hand sanitizers readily available throughout the spa.

We have installed medical grade Surgically Clean Air’s JADE (SCA5000C) Air Purifier Systems. This drastically reduces airborne mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

All tools, stations, and work areas are sanitized in between each guest. Every employee has been certified in proper sanitation and disinfection procedures. These procedures are consistent with the highest industry standard and with CDC and OSHA regulations.

Our treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected using EPA registered, hospital grade, biodegradable, nonirritating disinfectants. High traffic areas are sanitized several times every hour.

Laundry is handled with clean, gloved hands and stored in designated closed containers or plastic bags. All laundry is single use before laundering. Soiled linens are transported to the laundry area in designated closed containers.


All employees have been educated and certified on disease prevention before returning to the workplace.

All employees will be required to wear proper PPE as it pertains to their department including masks, face shields/protective eye wear and gloves which will be changed between guests.

Each area will be sanitized between guests and each treatment room disinfected between each guest. All tools will be disinfected, sanitized, or (if single use) disposed of after each use.

Employees will be evaluated upon entering the facility including a temperature check. Any employee with a temperature will be sent home and will not return to work without a doctor’s written consent.


In compliance with government regulations, our waiting area is closed.

Beverages and snacks will not be offered. We encourage guests to bring their own water if needed.

High-touch items such as magazines and product testers have been removed.

We will be following social distancing guidelines. Markers have been installed to direct the flow of human traffic and to maintain as little overlap as possible.

Plexiglass partitions have been installed at our front desk.

Doors to commons areas will remain open where possible.